From our founder and our current 3/4 wig and drawstring pony tail product developer

Like most women, i have wanted long, beautiful glamorous hair, when I first discovered hair extensions I thought they would give me exactly what I longed for, I purchased glue in extensions and had them put in.

It was a disaster; not only did my hair not look natural, it became matted and full of lumps of glue, when it came to taking out the hair extensions i was literally ripping the hair from my scalp leaving me with bald patches all over. I was devastated, my hair wasn’t the same for years afterwards, as you can imagine it took me a long time to try anything similar again.

After a few years I thought I would give clip in hair extensions a try, again these just didn’t give me the style I was looking for, it didn’t look natural, and it would take far too long to put the extensions in before I went out. Then I started to realise the weight of the clip in hair extensions were also damaging my hair,  I was back to square one again!

I started to research different kinds of hair extensions and pieces, i was not ready to admit defeat, i was certain there was something out there to give me my dream hair that was easy to use and wouldn’t cause any damage to my hair, that was when I discovered 3/4 wigs, once i started using my first one i could see the potential in these products, they gave me the volume and length I craved without causing any damage, they were almost the perfect hair accessory.

After i discovered these hair miracles I thought with a few tweeks they would be perfect, so I decided to design my own, i wanted to make sure they were light weight, low cost, full of volume & safe to use, this is when hair27 was born.

We have created a combination of wavy 3/4 wigs giving you red carpet hair in seconds & drawstring ponytails which are easy to fit, giving you fantastic length, we hope you enjoy these products aimed to give you effortlessly beautiful hair in no time at all,

Keep checking back as I extend our range and add different styles,



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